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This disclaimer, Meiji Let's Inc. ("Company") provides "lets-meji.co.jp" ("Site") and all those who are using ( " everybody ") and will be applied. Everyone need to read this disclaimer carefully befor use the Site. We assumed you acknowledge this disclaimer when you access the site.

1.The purpose

This site is intended for the purpose of everybody convenience only and non-commercial purposes only, and those who can stay in at your own risk. In addition, those who wish to use for commercial purposes the information provided on this website is to recognize that they need to receive permission by the Company, we shall be prescribed separately, individually addressed to allow us to contact.


The Company, without notice to everyone who has the information posted on this site , and other corrections to design, modify, add, suspension and the like can be removed at any time.


Information, specifications, and other programs, provided that all work on this website are protected by copyright owned or controlled by the Company or the copyright, trademark, are protected by intellectual property rights of others. Everyone will stay in this site comply with intellectual property rights and other laws and regulations concerning trademarks, we will duplicate copyrighted material without the consent of the Company and rights public, area distribution, transfer, rent, translation, reprint, or be altered, is prohibited without permission citations.


The Company will make an effort so that the information is current and accurate information on this site, but Notes that everyone on this site, we have to the accuracy, completeness, and assurance regarding the reliability We can not offer. In addition, the Company, that the information provided in this site is intended to guarantee in any case is not appropriate.


By using this site, damage may occur to everyone and third parties either directly or indirectly, the Company will be immunity.

6.Such forecast information

We are for the convenience of everybody to use our site, may provide information regarding forecast information, these are our predictions only and will be forced to change the circumstances. Everyone is aware and shall be withheld so that the relying entirely on this information, and also what your application does not recognize the obligation to revise such information.

7.Links to Other Sites

This site has been made linkage, links to other sites are for convenience of everybody, and you stay in the responsibility of everyone. Company for the content of these sites to warranties of any kind, we will not bear any responsibility. In addition, if these sites will have everyone available, then such shall be subject to the Terms of Use and Disclaimer.

8.Courts jurisdiction

If you need a suit between the company and everyone will agree with our jurisdiction and the court has jurisdiction over the company.

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