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Privacy policy

Let's Meiji Inc. "Law on the Protection of Personal Information" in accordance with policy initiatives concerning the protection and proper use of personal data (privacy policy) have been established.
This policy will not consider handling personal information is our purpose to identify and make proper use of personal information obtained to the extent necessary to achieve the purposes, we set our policy initiatives.

  • Each department that handles your personal information where we have the representative , by carrying out stringent security measures with regard to customer's personal information to prevent loss, alteration or leakage of information and appropriate safety control measures will be implemented.
  • Your personal information which is identify the intention of use, except in cases specified by law and will be available to the extent necessary to achieve its purpose. If you choose to give us personal information for any other purpose, in each case, we will inform the intended use.
  • Except as permitted by law or the consent of the customer, will not provide your personal information to third parties. When personal information entrusted to our customers, we will properly supervise contractors about.
  • Customer queries for your personal information, etc. If you wish to correct, if you contact us at our office, a reasonable range, we will immediately support.
  • The Company may use personal information for direct marketing and telemarketing and e-mail sent, if there is any request from the person in question wish to stop it, we will stop using immediately the purpose of personal information.

Contact us - personal information management;
Address / 103-0007 Annex Meiji theaterTokyo, Hamacho 2-31-1 Nihonbashi,Tokyo
Management Representative / Umeda Hideki

"On our website"

Customers can visit our website without disclosing your personal information, you just see a page that does not collect your personal information. For example, we are, it may be a statistical analysis of trends and how popular your website to any page that contains personal information that is not information for the analysis.

We are accepting online shopping and catalog Web site ships, recruitment surveys, such as when performing Jobs, your name, address, telephone number, may be asked to provide personal information such as email addresses. In that case, the "Privacy Policy" in accordance with and within the scope of the commitment to use with customers, handled by a secure safe environment.

You can even visit most websites did not provide your personal information, if not provided, and offers certain options Please note that it may not receive services such as .

"Use of Cookie"

This website is available for you for more convenient, in some pages, "Cookie" that uses technology. The cookie, the website will now be able to identify your computer but not personally identifiable information, such as your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address.

You can refuse cookie by setting your browser you can display or a warning when cookie is installed.

This website is available even if you are refusing to accept cookie, you may not be available in some functions.

"Use of Web Beacons"

Some of our pages, in order to provide better customer service, web beacon may be used. Web beacons are intended to used to create the statistics count the number of visiter, but not for personally identifiable information, such as your name, address, phone number, email address.

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Privacy policy
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