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This overwhelming presence, Toriyoshi-has four restaurants in the city center.

The total area of the four “Yakitori” (grilled chicken) restaurants is 330 square meters. The annual revenue is nearly 6 billion Yen with monthly earnings of about 500,000 Yen in 3,3 square meter, a surprise to everyone. The Naka-Meguro restaurant was founded in 1994 by Mr. Inomata (59) the company president who was working as a department manager for Miyoshi Corporation. The restaurant was earning more than 10 milliom Yen a month within 6 months of its opening, this rapid success making it famous. When asked the key to this success the reply was “nothing special, just really decent food that’s all”

The basic ingredients are local production for local consumption,  and careful handling of food.
The chicken breed originated in France, but they are carefully bred and raised as free range chickens in Fukushima fed on carefully selected cereals. The meat is soft and juicy with excellent flavor when compared to the Hinai Akita. The vegetables are chosen in season at Tsukiji Market according to Mr. Takei’s ethos that they should be selected young and in season. All the food preparation is carefully done by hand, separating the meat and preparing the skewers by all employees including the owner. With the ingredients carefully hand prepared, they grilled on real charcoal including using a traditional large fan to control the temperatures to enable thorough cooking in a virtuoso performance.
 Facilities - the largest selling

The interiors of all four restaurants are expensively styled, with a Hinoki (Japanese Cedar) counter comparable to long established Edo-style sushi restaurants. However on of the main points for the restaurants is that the fumes form the grills is ducted under the floor giving a clear view of the cooking food without any lingering odors or smoke. This creates a good atmosphere for the customers (See Fig.1)by keeping the walls clean as well as being more pleasant for the staff.

Let’s Meiji not only dealt with the whole process of designing, planning  and construction of the restaurant including contract and rental  negotiations but also created the whole food and beverage style.  We have learnt that no detail is too small in making a restaurant that is  successful and profitable right from its opening.
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