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China Garden Iwaen,它的繁荣业绩是实践改变经营方法创造出来的。

China Garden, Chinese restaurant  is well-established success of the recreation of business sample.

China Garden (Iwaen) was established as a typical Chinese restaurant around the country between 1940 - 1955. This expansion coincided with Japan’s rapid economic growth mainly in department stores from Hakata to Sapporo with 48 restaurants at its peak. In the 1940’s Chinese restaurant were still rare, mostly in Osaka. Mr. Chen Jian a succesful Chinese chef from Osaka opened his first restaurant successfully in Daimaru’s Tokyo Station store. Chinese Garden is a veteran chain restaurant with a long history.
This venerable chain restaurant was inherited in 2000 by the third generation president Mr. Yasuo Watanabe (52). Almost 10 years after inheriting the restaurant chain he is drastically reducing the number of restaurants. Mr Watanabe jokingly says “Once the company decided to close the restaurants we became very skillful at closing them down, better than anyone else, I’m an expert at it. I can even give lectures on the subject!” However you can imagine the bitterness behind such laughter.
China Garden now comprises of four restaurants, the main one at Tameike (231square meters) , the others are at Kasumigaseki (330 square meters), Fukuoka (561 square meters) and Nagoya (231 square meters). All the restaurants are highly profitable earning approximately 300,000 Yen per square meter a month. Needless to say a very successful Chinese restaurant! The Kasumigaseki restaurant opened on the third floor of a new building in October 2007 was immediately successful and profitability is still climbing. The success comes from experiments at the Tameike Chinese Garden to change business conditions to recreate the business category profitably.


Admire the spirit to give the great satisfaction to the customer.

An initial experiment was to change the serving style of the Sichuan dishes from communal dishes to individually cooked and served dishes while keeping to the classical traditions, for example Tan Tan Chinese noodles that account for 33% of lunchtime orders. The second experiment was to increase the variety of alcoholic drinks served at night, offering a wide range of gin, vodka etc. based cocktails. The aim was to make it everyone’s local Chinese restaurant catering to a wide range of customers. They abolished the different prices for the various brands of wine and made them one price, resulting in little change in profit. The Kitchen Director Mr. Akiba offers low priced luxury dishes to nearby office workers to meet their desire for affordable luxury. China Garden’s focus is on providing easily affordable luxury not just in the food but also the surroundings. The key to their success is offering great satisfaction at a low price, to create repeat customers who come both for lunch and for dinner. This success is achieved through continual study of the customer and daily effort.

We handled all the property search and rental negotiations for “China  Garden”. Let’s Meiji have added a new atmosphere to restaurant design,  important for creating a luxurious interior that will enable it to keep its  pre-eminent position as a top class Chinese restaurant for many years to  come.
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China Garden Iwaen
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