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泉岳寺·表参道中门的正旁边。 是一所新风格的隐藏型日式料亭。

Front of the Sengakuji gate, Locations prosperity would normally be hard to imagine as a successful restaurant.

“Monya ” Sengakuji Monzen restaurant opened in February 2007, specializing in Japanese cooking especially Toyama fish cuisine, using innovative and new style of cooking. The restaurant faces the Middle Gate (Sengakuji Akou warriors were a famous story )where there is no commercial activity so being able to create a successful business with a steady stream of customers within three years of opening is remarkable. Let’s have a look at it’s secrets...

Property cannot be such a place.

This "Monya" Sengakuji Monzen shop premises, it were originally rental housing for foreigners.
The bamboo surrounded two storey western style building was built 20 years ago. We were introduced to the owner of this property by an corporate executive connected with where our officer of the Japan Association of Chinese Cuisine work whith.
When we realized that the land for the restaurant was in Sengakuji (Takanawa, Minato-ku) which is one of Tokyo’s exclusive residential areas. Although land for a large restaurant was available, attracting the residents of such an area to eat at Sengakuji Monzen could easily be imagined to be a daunting task. In the past the area immediately in front of Sengakuji had been used for souvenir shops.
The site is about 462 square meters in total with the restaurant being 165 square meters in an elegant two storey building, surrounding the building is a garden and bamboo grove. The whole contractual and legal process for changing the use of the ground area to restaurant took just one year.

Property cannot be such a place.

The business concept is “to recreate the tradition of Japanese cuisine, to satisfy Corporate entertaining, to enable young people and local people to enjoy a new restaurant style”. The service style “Nadaman” based on a stylish and chic Japanese tradition is especially aimed at young people to whom it will be a new and attractive style. Seasonal fish are brought from Toyama’s Uozu port, they have an exquiite, rich, deep taste, authentic kaiseki cuisine like this would be 30,000 yen in famous name restaurant but here you enjoy the same style for only half the cost. This is one of the reasons for its success. The style of the restaurant is that of a traditional Kyoto garden tea ceremony house however the seating style is all seats with no tatami.
During the week corporate limousines appear one after the other as business men come to dine as well as families and couples. At weekends the clientele are mostly people attending the 30 or so temples in the area also people for memorial service lunches. This success is not solely due to its original aim but due to humility, carefully listening to and responding to all customers with special effort to appeal daily to the local populace.

We were involved in the property search and all the real estate negotiations 
for Monya, Sengakuji restaurant.

We added a new charm to traditional Japanese cuisine and its presentation, 
creating a comfortable space for the clients making it more luxurious, 
adding to the success and prosperity of the restaurant.
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