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Why do they love the place?
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"I would like to create the Japanese related special Chinese food in Japan " Here was the source of commitment.

Tomizuka style, his commitment is "It is because in Japan we can create"

The “Tainan Hanten” Chinese cuisine restaurant Jimbo-cho headquarters is opening in March 2008.
The store area 462 square meters. It is former vice president of the Chinese Cuisine Association of Japan, Mr. Tomizuka’s new restaurant. In less than two years since it opened, the restaurant has already made many new fans. This success has surprised many people. Being able to meet the trade name "Katpou" and present it on the name of the restaurant is Tomiokas current obsession. "I would like to create the Japanese related special Chinese food in Japan " Here was the source of commitment.

How to quickly match a business to location

This new restaurant moved from the basement of an old building that was directly connected to Kasumigaseki station. The transfer to a new address was not easy. Kasumigseki and Jimbocho are totally different in character that close observation will show.

There is only 2 Kms between Jimbocho and Kasumigaseki but office workers in Jimbocho have a lower disposable income, not to mention the effects of the Lehaman shock. These factors led to a very difficult initial 2 years, and I admire the single handed marketing efforts of the President's son.

Tainan Hanten's success in its third year of business is that it is now well known in the locality, achieving monthly earnings of about 250,000 yen per 3.3 square meters. "At last" says the President's son.

Starting up at Kasumigaseki must have been easier. With putting much effort into understanding the customer, strong marketing and matching the restaurant to its location, also tailoring the menu, pricing and timing of special offers. How to get repeat customers? I thought Tainan Hanten would be good at this, but even they had a hard time matching everything to local conditions. In the future greater success is expected.

From the beginning, when we heard from Mr. Tomizuka that the property was  available, we hav been involved in all the stages of development through  rent negotiation planning, design and construction. 7 or 8 years ago we  never thought to be involved in a restaurant development project like Tainan  Hanten but we are happy to have involved in this success story.
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