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Why do they love the place?
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The secret of success is based on the notion  that it is not a Chinese but a Szechwan restaurant.

Chinese restaurant,  business efficiency and floor space

‘Chi-ran’ is a very popular restaurant. The first one was in Akatsuka, tabashi-ku. And it was moved to Ginza. The restaurant was very popular even for a short term. It was a must for the local gourmets, especially Szechwan-lovers.
It is already five years since the restaurant had to be moved from Ginza to Kagura-zaka because of the reconstruction of the building. Compared with the big restaurant with a big capital, this tiny 126-square-meter one is small indeed, but soon became as busy as before.
The most-efficient floor space for the general Chinese restaurant in Japan is considered 397 square meters. It is 331 square meters if the washroom is outside and shared. Once-reported here, Iwaen in Kasumigaseki is as wide as 327 square meters with the outside washroom. Well, we would like to disclose the secrets of success in Chi-ran, Kagura-zaka.

The secrets of busy business・・・・・
The secret of success is based on the notion that it is not a Chinese but a Szechwan restaurant. Customers are attracted to the real Szechwan dishes.
The founder of Chee-lan, the chef, Mr.Shimokaze devoted himself to the restaurant but he died as young. The customers are attracted to his love or indulgence in Cheng Du, Szechwan.
The next secret of success is that all the dishes are politely handmade.
Mr. Watanabe, the chief chef as well as the president, is succeeding Mr.Shimokaze in the style of soft, delicate-flavored Szechwan dishes.
Deep-flavored, but light and cool to the tongue. There are restaurants which use the real Chinese peppers in Japan now, but there is no Szechwan restaurant in Japan which uses the handmade-toubanjyan.
The third secret of success is not to worry about trivia. The price for the weekday lunch menu for the neighboring businessmen and the price for brunch in weekends and holidays are completely different.
They don’t care the possibility that weekday customers come back on weekend and complain about the difference of the price. Customers for weekday lunch can help themselves for another plain rice and dessert. Self-service and no additional charge. Everything is like this in this restaurant. The common secret of success in restaurants is not worrying about trivia.
There is a saying  that peppers are small but・・・・・・

“In general, people feel delicious by directly being appealed to the human physiology and customized. Those dishes are crude in taste but delicious! ” said Mr. Yoichi Katsumi. But the characteristics of the popular restaurants in Tokyo are the delicate, local and refreshing tastes. They are considered as refinement or sophistication of the capital.
Thick in taste but refreshingly sophisticated. Cool to the oral cavity, not the fusion of taste, but simple good taste directly reaching the receptor in the tongue. Dishes full of superficial extravaganza are not the real taste. Consumers are beginning to realize the fact.

We helped in everything in finding the place, negotiating the rental  agreement, planning the business model and designing and construction of the  restaurant.  We never dreamed about participating  in the making of Chi-ran Restaurant 7 or 8 years ago. We are delighted to see the recent prosperity of this restaurant.
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Chi-ran Kagurazaka
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