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Why do they love the place?
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Shanghai Dishes and Cantonese Dishes,  the difference in gas range
Adjustable to changes, adaptable to trends
Kouran is characteristic in well-adjusting to the demographic change, the change of preference because of the age distribution of the guests. In other words, very adapatable to trend change. By adjusting to Marunouchi needs, very different from department store needs, we offer traditional Chinese dishes in addition to the typical Japanese Chinese dishes. We always insist on ideas and efforts to improve. This is the must for prosperous restaurants. More than just “Walking on the royal road”. It is understandable that the difference of average price between the highly-paid parties and free guests is 6,000 to 8,000 yen. “Creation of customers”first, we feel the customers make up the restaurants. This is also a must for the prosperous restaurants.
Various types of restaurants in Marunouchi,  but the real thing is powerful
Powerful“High quality, the real taste, more delicious than anywhere else” This is the principle of our restaurants. The three restaurants are in the department store. Therefore, we don’t segment or select the customers. Highly-paid parties, casual dining after late work and reasonable-priced girl’s parties. Seven years have passed and still the restaurants are full of customers. What’s the secret of the prosperity?
Reasonable price out of one’s own pocket and the party plans are flexible
The basis is a real thing in spite of the reasonable price. But we never emphasize the low price. Beijing or Shanghai dishes, superb cooking skills, include numb and hot in a menu, we are full of ideas to satisfy the customer preference.
Pai-tsu in Shanghai dishes are boiled,  but sharkfin in Cantonese are steamed!
To be prosperous in Tokyo, we must offer refreshing, delicate taste without losing the local taste. Maybe young cooks don’t know that the way of cooking sharkfin is fundamentally different from Shanghai to Cantonese. Kouran is fundamentally Shanghai dishes. Many menus are based on the Shanghai dishes, very popular among the Japanese in general. Many dishes are boiled, so the shape of the gas range is different from Cantonese. The size of pans or pots is different and the number of pans used is different from Cantonese. Cantonese dishes hypertrophied in Hong Kong, historically speaking, were developed and advanced to the rivalry and complex to the Shanghai dishes. On the other hand, Shanghai dishes stopped advancing for half a century during Shanghai Revolution, the Sino-Japanese War, the Socialism Revolution and the Cultural Revolution. Kouran reminds of those facts. The basis of Kouran is a strong concern to its birthplace, a strong concern to ingredients and a strong concern to cooking skills.
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