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the origin and business model, and it opened 4 years ago.

About  “Xiao Nan Guo Restaurants”

A small restaurant opened at ChanSha Road,Huangpu Ward Shanghai in 1987 mainly with delivery service, is the start of “ Xiao Nan Guo Restaurants”. This restaurant has grown to be a combine of restaurants after the quarter century. The annual turnover of this is about 16 billion yen. The restaurant in Ginza is only 650 meters squared wide, but there are 40 bigger restaurants of 1650 to 3300 meters-squared size in Shanghai, Bejing, Hong Kong, Nanjing andNingbo, 4 higher-brand Chinese restaurants called “Maison De L‘Hui” in Shanghai, and 10 Japanese beefsteak and rahmen restaurants. There are also 100 smaller restaurants serving Chinese cakes and sweets. The group is going to have the fourth spa facilities and to open a high-rank hotel with 300 rooms in Pudong next spring. It is easy to say that they have been on the economic growth tide but why on earth did they succeed and prosper in such a way? What is the philosophy of cuisine and the culture of cuisine? Is it the same as the Japanese golden age?

The same high quality as high-class restaurants and the reasonable price
No one is doubtful about the notion that the culture of cuisine is a reflection of political and economic power in communist countries. On the other hand, it is a reflection of vivid customs power in capitalized countries. The leader of  “Xiao Nan Guo” group is a woman of 50’s named “Fei Wan”. According to her, Chimese Cuisine in Japan is a cuisine of my grandfather and grandmother’s age. The development of Shanghai cuisine has stopped because of 60 years of social upheaval such as ? Revolution, the Sino-Japanese War, the Socialism Revolution and the Great Cultural Revolution. Especially in the Socialism Revolution and the Great Cultural Revolution, the best gourmet of high-class restaurants were criticized as the the symbol of bourgeois. The restaurants were attacked by guardsmen and the first attack target was the famous “Quanjude”. The reason to call the Japanese Shanghai dishes imported before the Great Revolution as the dishes of grandfather and grandmother is understandable. The present Shanghai dishes are supported by the strong economy and social customs. The present taste level is high but lost the mind of ancient Shanghai spirits. Is it only me who strongly think so? The charm point of “ Xiao Nan Guo” is keeping the high quality of first-class restaurants and the reasonable cost for the common people. This management skill is permanent throughout the world.
The origin of Shanghai “yakisobo”

It is “Shanghai Noodles with Spring Onion”. The sophistication of the capital. Leaving the local and traditional taste, but something refreshing! The noodles remain in the oral cavity and even make you hot and humid. But gradually, this taste appeals to your physiology and make you accustomed to it, and make you feel unforgettably tasteful. Do you know the origin of famous Japanese “Nisshin sauce yakisoba” and “yakisoba Bagohn” is “NOODLES with SPRING ONION”.
“Shanghai Noodles with Spring Onion”of “Maison De L‘Hui”is indeed a precious gift of sophistication of the capital and the noodles in “ Xiao Nan Guo” still keep the local and traditional taste. “Shanghai Noodles with Spring Onion” are created by the growing customs and manners.


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