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Why do they love the place?
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For lunch, a casual and handy, but tasteful udon-noodles are served. For dinner, fashionable oden are served for the sake  of nostalgia for Shonan Area.

Mecca of Shonan oden, Tsujido Oden Center

“Shonan oden”met a big accident due to Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964.
“Shonan oden”is a general name for the entire open-door oden in Enoshima Area, especially Enoshima Benten-bridge(around 50 oden restaurants). The characteristic of “Shonan oden”is the broths taken from fish“niboshi” and chiken “torigara”and not from fish “katsuobushi” and seaweed “konbu”. Lots of fish and seafood and vegetables are used for the materials of oden because of the location surrounded by the Sagami Bay and Shonan Plateau. Stomach-filling salty oden for the common people seemed so popular. But Enoshima was chosen to be a site for the Olympic yacht-racing. And the Open-door oden restaurants were considered not proper for the after-the-war, modern Olympic Games. They were forced to transfer as a group to Tsujido Seaside. And this is the beginning of Tsujido, Shonan Oden Center. After 50 years, however, only four restaurants remain.

Tenth anniversary for the Maru Building next year
Shonan Oden, Umimaru (100 meters squared wide) was open two years ago on the 6th floor of Maru Building. It was open as a branch of Shonan Oden Center, “Higeden”. As time goes by, some of the Maru Building tenant shops and restaurants close in a few years. As a matter of fact, Umimaru became the new tenant after the leave of Fresh Fish Restaurant. Maru Building was occupied with full shops and restaurants until the first 4 or 5 years. Quite a few of them had to close and leave without effective specialties. The rent costs just less than 40,000 yen per tsubo (about 3.3 meters squared wide). If you calculate the sale/rent rate as 10%, the 30-tsubo restaurant has to earn 12,000,000 yen per month to meet the demands. This is not an easy hurdle to clear.
Secret of prosperity

The present restaurant is a new development of “Kamakura Issa An”. The soba-ya (Buckwheat noodels restaurant) challenges the oden restaurant. The secret of this success is the careful planning. For lunch, a casual and handy, but tasteful udon-noodles are served. For dinner, fashionable oden are served for the sake of nostalgia for Shonan Area. The taste is nostalgically local and traditional but elegant. The materials for oden are not only dumplings but also more vegetables for health-consciousness. Fresh fish from the Sagami Bay are served as well. Dishes are cooked by human beings and delicious dishes are appreciated by human beings and thus creating the customs and manners and even the culture. Shonan oden is invading the Tokyo Station after the ages in a different form.


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