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Why do they love the place?
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Opening up the potential needs Restaurant with a clear concept

Pioneer of herbal dishes, the owner is  Dr. Sha, doctor of  Chinese traditional medicine

This restaurant is a pioneer of herbal dishes, Chinese dishes with herbal medicine. The menu doesnユt tell anything about herbal dishes, but entering the restaurant, customers are astonished with 10 kinds of transparent herbal liquor bottles. Customers imagine the mystery of herbal medicine or herbal dishes. The bottles contain all kinds of Chinese herbal materials such as ginseng. The owner, Dr. Sha often appears on a famous TV program in NHK-Tameshite Gatten. He was born as a son of the Great Family of traditional Chinese herbal medicine and naturally he became a doctor of herbal medicine. After the severe Cultural Revolution in China, he came to the Department of Pharmacy, University of Tokyo as an exchange student. I was impressed with and understood his situation. After graduation, he became the first Chinese formal employee in the Ajinomoto Co, Inc. in Japan. The Shinfu Main Store was opened by Aji Restauran Group, subsidiary of Ajinomoto Co. Inc. Dr. Sha was in charge of this project. The headquarter of Kirin Brewery Co. Ltd. was already in Harajyuku 25 years ago, the first restaurant of Shinfu was already next to it. Ajinomoto has withdrawn from a restaurant-business several years ago, he became an independent owner by MBO when he was a manager of the merchandise-developing at that time. That was 25 years after he had been an employee of Ajinomoto.

Amazing numbers of women,  young and old
The astonishing thing about this restaurant is always full of women. They are mainly a group of only women, young and old, “jyoshikai” in Japanese. Mainly because the owner always appears on the media and because the concept of herbal dished are well-understood. Middle-aged and older women are keen to the prices and they donユt drink too much alcohol, the sale per tsubo(space) is more than 350,000 yen. Average price spent by customers range from 30,000 to 6,000 yen. The attitude of the restaurant to accept this wide range of prices are probably welcomed by women customers. In addition, the owner is from Shanghai but his birth certificate is in Guangdong, Hong Kong Chinese dishes. This is astonishing enough but I will tell the reason why next time.
Imagination of positioning is  essential for the modern prosperity

Recently, the name “Szechuan” is prominent in the business of Chinese cuisine. Mapo of “Mapo dofu” is attracting many Japanese with tongue-paralysing spices. Mapo dofu, Chinese stir-fry containing green peppers and meat and twice-cooked pork are the three well-known Chinese dishes to the Japanese after the “bubble” stage in Japan. It is the basis of marketing to have a simple symbol such as“Szechuan” and an imagination of business positioning. The symbol of Shinfu is after all “herbal dishes”, that is an image of healthy Chinese dishes. The secret of prosperity is opening up a restaurant with the potential needs and with a clear concept.


We redecorated the whole restaurant this spring.  We renewed the 25-year-old dirts and cleaned up and readjusted to the change in 25 years.  We had a new deal with the renter of the building.  We improved the personal rooms for comfortness and improved the table seats, too.  We contributed a lot to the recovery from the Lehman-shock depression.
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