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Sushi Restaurant, Ginza Fukusuke, Ohsaki    We never stick to old ways and think  of new ways such as fusion of food,  dishes and tables.
Clear-cut charm-point and  lucid positioning are crucial  in prosperous restaurants
The charm-point of this restaurant is “Full-dress sushi restaurant for old and young with payable pocket-money”. This is no way a rotary-type sushi restaurant. “Fukusuke” as well as ”Sushi-kiyo”, ”Sushi-kan” and ”Sushida” are all prosperous with clear business positioning and superb restaurants. This new Ginza-Fukusuke at Ohsaki Restaurant has moved from Shimbashi-subway area after 25 years to Ohsaki New City (2F), adjacent to Ohsaki Station, JR Yamate-line. This new restaurant is the same size as before but in order to create a new population of customers considering the population change and needs change. The rental fee is down 50% but the number of people on the streets are less than 10%, so what happens? The number of people at the Shimbashi Station is 600,000 whearas at the Ohsaki Station, the number is only 120,000.
Prosperous restaurant-making  by catching the future growth  of the area

The redevelopment project in First Area, Kita-shinagawa 5-chome, is located within 3-minute walk from the Ohsaki Satation and a big one with 3.6 hectares inside the Yamate-line. This area was full of factories of domestic industry including SONY subsidiary before the war. The project will be finished by spring of 2014. But eight 40-story condominiums are already built like the New City. The number of working inhabitants will be increased in 100,000 and will use Ohsaki Station after completion of the project. However, mass of people, new customers for Fukusuke were already there, not the daytime working class but the inhabitans for holidays. However small, scrap and building of restaurants are successful with enough customers before the redevelopment project is known to the public.

A new concept of  never obsolete restaurants
It is necessary to create good products or menus to shape good restaurants without relying too much on the location. This new Fukusuke restaurant considers deeply about the well-spending residents and families in the area and groups of women. Usually, sushi is served on the counter but this restaurant also provides tables for satisfaction of certain customers. We never stick to old ways and think of new ways such as fusion of food, dishes and tables. Not only foods but also tablewares, chairs and tables develop and evolve. It is no longer useless to rely on the past success. This might be a point for successful prosperity.
We have suggested a new kitchen and tablewares to Ginza Fukusuke, Ohsaki.  The restaurant has been satisfied with convenient usage. Superb kitchen plans,  kitchen equipments for efficiency and tablewares with good design and durability.  We suggest these three points for the prosperity of restaurants.  Our motto is to provide modern kitchen equipments with a reasonable price.
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